@SCMSConference: Tweeting our own cause


I’m back in Seattle for the Society of Media and Cinema Studies annual conference. I was here for a vacation in October. If I’d had any idea I was going to be attending this conference, I’d have vacationed in Cancun instead, but oh well.

Follow highlights from the convention via @SCMSConference. Get into it with @AlfredMartin and @JustinBHorton (why can’t I link to your profile, homie?)

My presentation is an amalgam of the impetus for my dissertation work, some take-aways from my findings, and mostly a huge statement of positionality about my research on #BlackTwitter. The session is called “Negotiating Race in Digital Spaces,” and will be held from 11-12:45 in F-17. Many thanks to our chair, Sarah Florini, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison for organizing our session. Thanks also to the African/African-American caucus for supporting this work.

If you can’t make it to the presentation, I’ve included a copy of my slides here for your perusal. With permission from co-presenters Florini, André Brock and Kishonna Gray*, I’ll post their slides here, too.

As well as my vita. 😉

Enjoy SCMS 2014! Thanks for having us, Seattle!


*Dr. Gray is unable to join us, unfortunately.


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