Embracing disconnect, and other acts of self-preservation

Yep, that about sums it up.

There’s an ugly truth about being human that I realized after I wrote this blog and realized it’s akin to my most recent entry. Everyone is fighting a battle, and while people offer support, really, no one wants to hear you complain. Which is often what dealing with depression looks like.  Continue reading →


Dusting myself off to tri again

There are approximately 139 days until I suit up for my first Half Ironman (70.3) in Galveston, Texas. As of this writing, I’m dreading each and every one of them.

2014 has been an unbelievable year, and not necessarily in a good year. This was the year that, after scrapping one dissertation, I decided I’d finish my Ph.D. without the emotional baggage of being a year “behind.” I started tweeting with the hashtag #PhD14, with a mind to walk across the stage with my dissertation defended, paperwork signed and filed, and my parents waving on proudly from the stands.

And then my dad died.

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