If You Stay Ready… A post about my research on Black Twitter

You know how the saying goes. But this time, I’m caught out there.

I haven’t conducted interviews for my research about Black Twitter since… 2013, give or take. In fact, as recently as May, I’d been told to shelve my project for a few years.

But this week I’m attending the Smitherman-Villanueva Writers Retreat for academic authors of color at Stanford University, and it’s inspired me to get back to collecting our stories.

I’ve been fooling with widgets and sign-and-sends all morning, trying to make this process easier, so I apologize in advance that you have to download this doc on a laptop/desktop. Once I figure out the problem, I’ll have it up for easy sign-and-send that you can do from your phone.

I’ll fill in the rest of this post throughout the day, but for right now, I just needed to get this document up.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Clark_IRB 15316_BlackTwitterInformedConsentForm_REVISED


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